Collection: Hydrosols

Did you know that hydrosols and essential oils are created during the same process? When a plant undergoes steam distillation, certain compounds are released and carried by the steam. That steam is condensed back to water and collected in a different vessel. At that point, the water soluble compounds stay suspended in the resulting water.

The fat soluble compounds become essential oil, and separate from the water solution.

Then the essential oil can be siphoned off to create two distinct products, essential oil and hydrosol. Or in my case, I don't separate the essential oil because by volume the yield is so small. So then the resulting hydrosol in my process actually contains the essential oil as well.

So hydrosols can be sprayed on the body, into the energy field, and onto different objects. They can also be taken internally and added to drinks and. Super versatile. I really like to use hydrosols in energy medicine in terms of chemical constituents of the plant contained in the hydrosol, there are more than in a flower essence and less than in a tea.