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Coriander Hydrosol

Coriander Hydrosol

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 Coriander helps us clear out toxic energy.  This hydrosol is an effective aid
in moving stagnant and stored energy through and out of the body and energy

Coriander will help you pull all that stored stuff out from the depths if you'll
sit with it as it circulates through you on its way out.

Journal with the hydrosol, use it any time you are ready or need to be ready to
let unpleasant energy come up in order to be fully and completely released."

For even stronger results, pair this hydrosol with the meditation offered in the
Coriander Episode of the Nature's Wisdom podcast.

Ingredients: pure steam distilled coriander seed and cilantro leaf hydrosol

Directions: spritz on the body and/or into the energy field as needed.  Also
great for moving energy in a physical space like bedroom or office.

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