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Marigold & Tulsi Hydrosol

Marigold & Tulsi Hydrosol

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Marigold is here to help people to connect to their first and second chakra
energy. But connection is only part of the puzzle. Marigold is holding that
fiery feminine energy that helps the body as a whole and the chakras
specifically to act as vessels for energy to be held and felt and fully

Tulsi is holding the masculine energy of movement. Tulsi is infusing the body
with the flow and movement that allows for the cyclical flow of energy through
the optimized energy centers.

 For people with all their energy stuck in their heads who are experiencing
anxiety and for those who have an abundance of energy stored/blocked in the back
of the heart & therefore are experiencing depression, this hydrosol will
strengthen the vessel so that the energy flow can be optimized--maximum uptake
and integration AND smooth uninterrupted flow of energy."

Ingredients: pure steam distilled marigold and tulsi hydrosol

Directions: spritz on the body as needed or can be take 3 drops under the tongue
as needed.

This is going to be powerful on its own but incredibly transformative for those
who have worked with Marigold individually.

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