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Mugwort Body Oil

Mugwort Body Oil

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Mugwort is often known as a powerful ally in connecting you to your dreams and
has been showing up big time for me lately. How perfect that the winter season
is the time for dreaming. That wonderful, meaningful work you do before
planning. Mugwort will walk us into the dream world and help us explore all
kinds of possibilities.

Mugwort is also known to be very supportive of the female reproductive system.  


Look for the Moontime Dreaming ritual for guidance on how to work with Mugwort
to offer balance to the reproductive system and through that balance to enhance
your connection to the dream world.


Ingredients: Mugwort infused castor oil

Size: 1 oz.


Directions: apply to skin as desired. pay special attention to the neck (over
the thyroid), the upper right side of the abdomen (over the liver), and the
entire lower abdomen (over the ovaries and uterus).

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