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Mimosa & Elderflower Essence

Mimosa & Elderflower Essence

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Together we are coming to you to invite you to lighten up with the understanding
that everything about the act of lightening up makes you stronger—more
resilient.  Come away from the masculine view of strength.  Allow us to help you
choose movement, joy, and gentle power

When you take the essence throughout the day, allow movement into your body
however it feels right and smile.  Silly & sweet, joyful & lithe—these are all
qualities that will serve you well.  You’ve practiced stern & steadfast.  Now
integrate these gifts.

Ingredients: Pure Mimosa + Elderflower Infused water, Raw Honey, 40% ABV Brandy
as a preservative

Directions for use: Take 5-7 drops at least 5 times throughout the day or add a
dropperful to your beverage of choice 2 times per day.

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