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Marigold Flower Essence

Marigold Flower Essence

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Marigold Flower Essence infused with Venus frequencies

Marigold says: "I’m bringing the message of the fiery divine feminine.  I am
fully connected to that deep red and rich orange 1st & 2nd chakra energy of
creation and primal existence.  I do not question my worth or my place in the
world. Honey, I take up space.  I radiate all my beautiful glory and THROUGH
doing so, offer more support than if I lived small and less vibrantly.  Don’t
you see?  Being supportive of your loved ones isn’t a punishment and it
shouldn’t be something that dims your light.  Show up! Show out! TAKE UP SPACE!
When you really allow yourself to do this—that’s when you truly help those
around you.”


Ingredients: Pure Marigold Infused water, 40% ABV Brandy as a preservative

Directions for use: Take 5-7 drops at least 5 times throughout the day or add a
dropperful to your beverage of choice 2 times per day

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