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Echinacea Flower Essence

Echinacea Flower Essence

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Echinacea says: I don't need to curl up, wither or hide in order to protect
myself.  I have a proper shield in place. The ones who can live in harmony with
me--not taking too much--are free to come in and take what I offer.  Those who
would come in too fast or try to take more than I am offering will learn quickly
that has a prickly outcome...Read more here.

Echinacea asks: 🛡 Could you integrate your heart shield in such a way that it
becomes part of you? 👑 In such a way that you are admired because you wear it
so unapologetically that it becomes sacred adornment? 💫 Could you construct it
in such a way that the right ones recognize that shield as a sign of your
divinity--as a sign that they must respect and cherish you?

Ingredients: Pure Echinacea Infused water, 40% ABV Vodka as a preservative

Directions for use: Take 5-7 drops at least 5 times throughout the day or add a
dropperful to your beverage of choice 2 times per day

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