Collection: Essences

When we work with flower essences, we can take in the complexity of the plant's vibration. We really benefit when we invite some part of their wisdom, their gift, their vibration into our field, so that we can resonate with that.

The plant or flower whose essence is contained in the medicine you are taking is able to meet you where you are and guide you in a way that is right for you. It is a gift you can come back to again and again.

Flower essence therapy is an ancient modality. You can find many books on the subject telling you all about the gifts of each flower. In my work with plants and in developing my intuitive gifts. I have found that plants are very happy to share their wisdom directly with anyone who asks and is ready to listen.

The ReSourced Apothecary flower essences are created as a result of my direct, intuitive and physical contact with plants and flowers.